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Choosing the Right Course to Start My Training

With so many options to choose from within one product, find the right training for your future needs.  These are the most common questions when choosing the appropriate course.

Your Network is Already Compromised, What Now?

The answer lies in network visibility. By providing you with insight into your attackers’ behaviors and location within your environment, network visibility can help you prevent a security event from becoming a full-blown data breach.

Jobs You Can Get with Your CCNA Cisco Certified Networking Associate

With increasing demand for cisco certified Employees, job supply abounds

Ready to take your Cisco knowledge to the next level or achieve your Cisco certification? Our flexible training methods let IT pros choose their preferred learning style, while our expert team helps maximize your certification budget by optimizing key training paths. It’s time for a new approach to IT training—and it all starts with New Horizons.  Learn more about our Cisco certification training here.

Finding the Right Cisco Path

Whether you are new to Cisco, or ready to advance your existing skills, New Horizons Learning Group provides the necessary training to achieve Cisco certification. Our hands-on lab environments allow students to experience real-life scenarios during their Cisco training that can easily carry over to on-the-job skills. As a Cisco-Authorized training partner, New Horizons Learning Group is a trusted training provider of Cisco technologies. Learn more about our Cisco certification training here.

6 Ways to Help You Build a More Productive Workforce

A primary goal of every employer is to maintain a high productivity rate at all times, but finding a way to keep your workforce motivated and engaged regularly can be challenging. If you fail to accomplish this goal, your team’s job satisfaction rating could plummet, and your valued workers may join forces with the competition. To keep your workers motivated and engaged, it is necessary to create a positive work environment.


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