5 Useful Excel Shortcuts

How would you feel if you found out you were wasting hundreds of hours every year just by using time-consuming workarounds in Microsoft Excel? I’ll let you in on a secret—you probably are. Even if you feel like you only use Excel at a very basic level such as just to view information, there are likely some ways that you could improve your skills. Also, many of the same functions and shortcuts translate to other Microsoft apps such as Word and PowerPoint. Keep reading to learn how you could save yourself time using Excel.

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Mobile Phone Security

As a cybersecurity professional, I have talked to a lot of people in and out of the classroom, as a consultant for the federal government and the private sector but I’m still shocked when I ask, "What kind of antimalware or firewall do you use for your phone?" Three responses are typical: silence; "I don’t use anything"; or something reasonable like Symantec Mobile Security for Android, McAfee, etc. I applaud them for choosing something which shows some awareness although not for their specific choices. But hey, it’s a start.

Let’s face it—people have favorites. I have mine and you probably have yours. It’s human nature. Some people like pizza with pineapple and some people think that’s sacrilege. But you can’t argue with the logic of having something instead of nothing makes sense when it comes to security.  

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The Ultimate CompTIA Security+ Guide

Anyone interested in pursuing a cybersecurity career can immediately unlock new and higher-paying opportunities with a CompTIA Security+ certification. In many ways, CompTIA Security+ is a cybersecurity gateway.

So, how do cybersecurity professionals train for and take the CompTIA Security+ exam? Our ultimate guide will prepare you with everything you need to know to begin advancing your cybersecurity career.

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11 Tips for Small Business Cybersecurity Protection

For the malicious actors who perpetuate cybercrimes, it’s generally a “numbers game.” If they try widespread, indiscriminate attacks on all types of businesses, at least one will surely succeed. Unfortunately, this means there’s no such thing as a business being small enough to escape targeting.

In fact, it’s stated in the Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report that small businesses are often targeted at high rates because of their size. The logic follows that they have fewer resources for cybersecurity and training and are therefore easier to breach.

An oft-repeated mantra in cybersecurity is that it’s a matter of when a business will be attacked, not if. So, how can small businesses protect themselves? Today, we’re breaking down the current state of small business cybersecurity and some of the best tips to implement for your venture.

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How To Create A Strong Password

We rely on internet-connected devices every day. From computers, to tablets, to phones, protecting your devices from hackers is a constant worry. The good news is you don’t have to know everything about Cybersecurity to prevent someone from getting your data. How do you protect yourself? Create a $Tr0ng_P@ssw0rd.

One of the first things a hacker will try to do to access your device is guess your password. They know most people tend to use things they are familiar with to create them. Your pet's name, the street you grew up on, an important date in your life. All of these are easy to find out bits of information that could give them access. Don’t think that’s possible? Consider those fun questions people ask on social media. What was the name of your first-grade teacher? What was the first car you ever owned? Who is your favorite band? If you've ever answered one of those copy and paste surveys and shared on your Facebook profile, you've opened yourself up to vulnerability. Even if you haven't done that, if you use social media you've likely posted about life events such as graduations, wedding days, or children. That is known as social engineering, and it is a serious threat. The answers you provided could be used to crack your password.

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