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The Future is in Today’s Battlefields with AI

The future is in today’s Battlefields – defending Smart Borders, Intelligent Combat, Constructing Future Battlefields, and Hypersonic Missile with AI

Things That Make Computer Experts Squirm

Things that make computer experts squirm

Darkside: Analysis of a Large-Scale Data Theft Campaign

About Darkside, inc.

Ethical Hacker Vs. Penetration Tester

Comparing Ethical Hackers to Penetration Testers

Ethical hackers and penetration testers both work in corporate settings, where they apply their knowledge of computing networks and systems security to prevent security breaches. Penetration testers may work as part of an IT team as they oversee all sides of network security. Ethical hackers use their hacking smarts to prevent the not-so-ethical hackers from attacking the system. Other similarities and differences are discussed below.

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Building A Resilient Workforce to Protect Your Infrastructure

Building a workforce to protect your infrastructure


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