What is a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator?

Editor's Note: This post was originally published December 2014 and has recently been updated and revised for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Computer hacking forensic investigation is the process of detecting hacking attacks and properly extracting evidence to report the crime and conduct audits to prevent future attacks. In this way, computer forensics is much like other forms of forensics in that you search for evidence that can’t be seen by the untrained eye, looking for evidence buried deep within computer software and hardware.

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New Microsoft 365 Beta Certification Exams Are Live

Are you a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator who evaluates, plans, migrates, deploys, and manages Microsoft 365 services? Do you perform Microsoft 365 tenant management tasks for an enterprise, including its identities, security, compliance, and supporting technologies? Do you have a working knowledge of Microsoft 365 workloads? Are you an administrator for at least one Microsoft 365 workload (Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, or Windows as a Service)? Do you have a working knowledge of networking, server administration, and IT fundamentals, such as DNS, Active Directory, and PowerShell? If so, let me tell you about the new Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification!

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The Difference Between an IT Worker and an IT Leader

Working within IT is a unique experience. Professionals in this field are often on the cutting edge of technology, and they get to rely on systems that ordinary people can only dream of. It truly is a dream job for some, and yet the amount of complexity involved can allow for people to become complacent. 

There's nothing wrong with loving the position you're currently in, but but a problem does arise when this comfort keeps you from innovating. IT departments need leaders, and yet so many refuse the role. If you think you're up for the challenge, these simple tips can help you climb to the top of the ladder. 

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3 Reasons to Brush Up On Your Mobile Device Management Skills

 Over the last decade, Mobile Device Management (MDM) has evolved from a novelty into a necessity for organizations. The reason for the shift is readily apparent: smartphones, tablets, and wearables have become fixtures of the work experience, playing a much more prominent role than the staples of yesteryear (e.g., personal digital assistants, pagers, and BlackBerry phones) ever did.

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Does Working Virtually Make You Invisible?

Reader Question:
I work within a large IT organization and the people in my department have been given the opportunity to work from home. If I do, does it reduce my opportunities for promotion and/or increase my chances of getting laid off?

My Answer:
First, thanks for asking. It's great to get questions from my IT world readers. In short, the answer to your question regarding the effect of telecommuting on promotions and layoffs is that it depends on the following:

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