Boosting Productivity with good Data Management

Good data management can improve decision-making, enhance collaboration, and streamline processes to boost productivity.

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7 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Data Managment

7 key data concepts your boss wishes you knew. Improve decision-making, protect data, and drive growth with these tips.

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3 Expectations and Realities of an Azure Administration Job

Understand the expectations and realities of an Azure Administrator job before applying. Learn the necessary skills and dedication required.

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Modern Warfare - Killer Robots: Beyond Artificial Intelligence

Pentagon - 9/30/2022
Modern Warfare- Killer Robots: Beyond Artificial Intelligence

How AI impacts security, military affairs

For too long, the conversation on AI and militaries has been narrowly focused on autonomous weapons and the ethical issues that come with them. The time is ripe to take stock of the myriad of other ways that AI will impact security and military affairs. Just as AI is dramatically changing a range of sectors in the civilian world, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and automating processes, there is no reason to believe that militaries, too, will not be joining the AI revolution.
Israel is a world leader in developing autonomous military capabilities, from Iron Dome interceptors to unmanned aerial vehicles to ground-based platforms – though all currently rely on human approval before kinetic firepower can be activated, in line with the values of the Israeli defense establishment.

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Pathway to a Career—Leadership in the Military

High-level military leader selections impact thousands of individuals and processes that make up our military, which means the leaders need to be effective and resilient and rise above leadership military challenges.

How do military leaders learn the lessons of leadership? Traditionally classroom leader development and battlefield experience are perhaps the key places where officers learn about leadership, but is there a broader set of experiences that have an important developmental impact?

What lessons do military leaders actually learn that they come to see as most valuable? And how can we draw upon their experiences to avoid future mistakes and build on past successes?

Going directly to senior military officers and asking these questions about leadership military challenges and experiences are difficult and rarely answered.


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