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Extending Your Sphere of Influence

So, what exactly is it to ‘influence’ someone and how do you tap into your personal power? It is the ability to affect the character, development, or behavior of someone or something. At the core of every individual is the ability to lead and influence others. Knowing how to utilize influence in everyday situations is crucial to gaining an understanding of others - it encourages openness and communication, builds goodwill, and is a key element to being a successful leader.

What is Emotional Intelligence

Knowing how to work productively with other people is crucial to achieving professional success and continuing to grow over time. Consequently, experts in business and leadership have been increasingly interested in exploring the concept of emotional intelligence over recent years. By understanding the way you and others feel and applying your skills in managing emotions, you may pave the way toward the next steps in your career.

Keys to Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Leading in a World of Diversity

Today's businesses rely heavily on departments that run smoothly and align closely with the needs of the rest of the organization. Leadership and workers need to be on the same page when setting objectives, completing projects and planning for future growth. As time passes, however, an inevitable challenge for maintaining cohesion has arisen in many workplaces.


Why the Best Managers Exemplify Positive Assertiveness

For an organization to grow and thrive, it needs strong leaders who have both a deep understanding of their industry and a broad array of soft skills. A successful manager must be able to keep a team organized, motivated and on track toward fulfilling a company's goals. One of the most effective ways for a manager to pull people together for a common purpose is using the techniques called Positive Assertiveness. This approach is all about demanding quality work from the people under your supervision while maintaining a collegial atmosphere. 

Possessing Uncanny Business Acumen

3 Key Elements to making sound business decisions

Whether you are a business owner, manager, or aspiring leader, you must possess strong business acumen. It’s the ability to be keen and quick in understanding and dealing with business situations that will lead to a good outcome. Some may call it business savviness or business sense. How can leaders with high business acumen make the right decisions under such uncertainty and risks? 


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