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Your Next PowerPoint Presentation Made Quick and Easy

If you create PowerPoint presentations frequently in your role, you know that creating a presentation that's professional and engaging can take up a TON of time.

PowerPoint is no different from any other Microsoft program in that it has a whole "secret menu" of hacks that the average user doesn't know about or take advantage of. We've listed our top Microsoft PowerPoint hacks here.

Read on to save time making your next presentation clean, professional, and interesting to watch.


6 Excel Tricks That Will Save You Time

Whether you use Microsoft Excel all day for your staff accounting job or you only dust it off once in a while for data analysis, there are probably some time-saving tips and tricks you don't even know about. That's what makes using this complex software such an enriching experience, there are always ways to improve your skills and get work done faster.
The vast majority of users are not using Excel to its full potential. By really diving in and adding some hacks to your repertoire, you can advance your career and add immense value to your company.

3 Things to Consider as you Get Ready to Upgrade to Windows 11

On October 5th, 2021, Microsoft officially rolled out its newest version of the Windows Operating System. While there are undoubtedly many great updates to give users a more uniform experience between work and life, you may be wondering what you need to know from an IT perspective.

Key Benefits of Microsoft Access Database

Microsoft Access is an information management tool, or relational database, that helps you store information for reference, reporting and analysis. Access can also overcome the limitations found when trying to manage large amounts of information in Excel or other spreadsheet applications. 

How To: Standardize Data in Microsoft Access

So, you’ve created a database in Access. It has been tested and it works. It was rolled out and people are using it. But something is wrong. When you or someone else use a query to analyze something or compile data, it just doesn’t quite pull up the results you want.


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