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All Things Project Management

Project Managers are tasked to complete projects successfully, efficiently, on time, and within budget. Organizations rely on trained professionals to generate and follow processes to accomplish critical goals. The Center for Leadership and Development offers courses appropriate for anyone from new project managers and those taking on the role within other departments, to more experienced professionals interested in certification.

Note: PDU list has been updated in September 2018

The Bundling Advantage with NH Anytime

New Horizons provides many ways to help organizations maximize and extend training budgets while still training numerous employees in a variety of courses. We understand the importance of training your employees to improve job efficiency, but also ensuring your dollars are being spent wisely. Training at your own pace is perfect for those who know when and how they can fit in their development. But what happens when you have a question, or get stuck on a lab? Read more about our NH Anytime options.

Good Morning New Horizons: Why do courses start so early?

We've heard the early bird gets the worm. Sometimes we question how early is too early? As a retired USAF Medic, I am the type of person who is up at 5:00am with out an alarm every morning. Here is the most common answers to my clients question: Why do some courses start at 6:00am? 

LinkedIn CEO Confirms Skills Gap: Business Skills & Communications

On 4/19, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner confirmed the results of their Skills Gap report in an interview with CNBC. In addition to what analysts expected in the form of STEM jobs lag (specifically things like Mobile Software Engineer) Weiner also highlighted the serious supply/demand imbalance in Business Skills and Communications.

How to Build a Successful Training and Development Program

Employee training programs are on the rise. In fact, 69 percent of learning and development professionals say it’s the top priority at their organization. But developing talent is easier said than done. Your program must equip employees with the necessary skills while demonstrating business value and a measurable return on investment (ROI). Here’s how to build an employee training and development program that accomplishes your organizational goals.


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