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What is a Hypersonic Missile and Who's Using Them?


Hypersonic missile systems are highly maneuverable, travel many times the speed of sound, and allow for the destruction of targets anywhere in the world in less than an hour. Hypersonic weapons are a growing and extremely complex threat to our national interests. Potential targets range from leaders of terrorist organizations to a nation’s critical command and control facilities. Currently, 23 nations have demonstrated varying degrees of expertise in hypersonic technology…a number that continues to grow daily. Hypersonic is really about industrialization, not about science…Are we technically prepared?

How to Use GoArmyEd to Get Credentialing Assistance

GoArmyEd is the Army's virtual gateway to education including the Army COOL credentialing lookup. The Army believes that education is the key to a soldier's success, both personally and professionally. GoArmyEd connects soldiers to Army education counselors, schools, tuition assistance, and your education records regardless of where you are stationed. Here's how to use the portal to find the best certifications for your career and get credentialing assistance related to your current Military Occupational Specialties (MOS).

Find Your Army COOL MOS Related Certifications

The Army COOL website has evolved with new features, but one mission remains: to find MOS related credentialing opportunities for soldiers. There are a number of certifications and credentialing options for soldiers based on their MOS, experience, and career goals. There are 3 main paths to choosing the right credentials for you. Credentials may be related to your military job (MOS), your civilian occupation, or your academic degree. Finding a certification related to your MOS is easy.

Employee Certification or Employee Skills?

What's better for increased business performance: employee certification or employee skills? Recently the founder of a leadership company asked me that question, and I wanted to expand on this topic because it's an important one that business executives are always debating. You may find yourself in a position to move a very skilled employee up within the organization, but are there certificates they need for you to be comfortable with that decision. Or reverse that, if someone comes to your company with acronyms and alphabet soup after their name and a portfolio of certificates looking for hire, does that mean they have the skills to do what you need them to do?

Upskilling Will Be a Corporate Responsibility in the 2020s

Corporate responsibility is shifting from pleasing shareholders to upskilling for stakeholders' sake. And the signs have been there all along. According to a report by McKinsey & Company, the majority believes the system is failing them and current leaders lack credibility. People are more fearful of job loss than ever. In that report, 59% of employees fear job loss due to not having the training and skills necessary. This is higher than the fear of job loss due to automation (55%) or trade policies and tariffs hurting the company (57%). It should be no surprise that people are concerned about themselves. So what's a company to do now?


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