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LinkedIn CEO Confirms Skills Gap: Business Skills & Communications

On 4/19, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner confirmed the results of their Skills Gap report in an interview with CNBC. In addition to what analysts expected in the form of STEM jobs lag (specifically things like Mobile Software Engineer) Weiner also highlighted the serious supply/demand imbalance in Business Skills and Communications.

How to Build a Successful Training and Development Program

Employee training programs, especially for companies dealing with technology, are vital to staying on top of your industry. According to our 2019 State of IT Training Report, 86 percent of respondents consider maintaining up-to-date IT knowledge is an important or very important initiative.

But developing talent is easier said than done. Your program must equip employees with the necessary skills to excel while demonstrating business value and a measurable return on investment (ROI). Here’s how to build an employee training and development program that accomplishes your organizational goals.

What's Included When You Take a Course with New Horizons

You work hard to stay ahead of your competition, why train with anybody else but the best? With New Horizons network of training centers, certified top instructors, and vendor partnerships, you join an elite alumni network where you can thrive. Take a look at the competition and you'll decide New Horizons is the ideal training partner for your continued development and success.  Hear from previous students.

10 Mobile Cybersecurity Threats according to Metova

Metova are the minds behind CyberCENTS cybersecurity training programs. Read on for a link to their full article as well as a quick rundown of their top 5 biggest mobile threats facing security professionals today.

Benefits of Conducting a Training Survey

I speak to a lot of different companies and government bodies about training on a daily basis. Each organization approaches this topic differently, but they tend to fall into two categories when it comes to employee development: reactive or proactive. While there is always a need for “as needed” training, the most successful L&D organizations are preparing their training plans well in advance. As such, I consistently coach my clients to be proactive in identifying current and future goals for their skilled employee base. This is the reason New Horizons developed a resource that helps organizations align their training plans to the actual needs and wants of their employees.


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