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5 Things Every IT Pro Should Know About Application and Desktop Virtualization

Virtualization has been around for decades, but only with the rise of cloud computing has it become a widely known concept and a multi billion-dollar commercial market. IT research firm Gartner estimated that the server virtualization market grew 5.7 percent from 2015 to 2016, reaching nearly $6 billion in value. While server virtualization is now a mature sector, other forms of virtualization - such as network and data center virtualization (i.e., software-defined data centers) - are still evolving. Up and coming technologies such as software-defined networking are set to reshape how IT departments conduct their daily operations in the year ahead.

Why Companies Need Data Center Virtualization Right Now


Even though it is a staple of modern IT, virtualization is not well-understood by everyone, and this lack of knowledge can prevent technical teams from virtualizing their key assets, such as servers, desktops, and data centers. Organizations cannot afford to miss such opportunities, now that software-defined data centers are becoming central to business operations:

DreamWorks Animation Utilizes The Red Hat Portfolio To Build A Private Cloud

A Case Study

Today, almost every DreamWorks Animation artists has Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop running on the latest HP workstation and nearly every DreamWorks Animation server is powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux technology running on the latest HP Servers. 

Six Things You Need to Know About Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Red Hat is becoming increasingly complex, but also increasingly useful for businesses. IT professionals need specialized proficiency in Red Hat to fully take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer. Getting Red Hat certification will not only make you more helpful to your company, it will also enhance your career prospects.

Red Hat Certification: A Power House in IT

If you’re considering pursuing Red Hat certification for yourself or finding a trainer to help your employees get certified, stop considering and take action now. Red Hat certification builds upon pre-existing skills and sharpens them, allowing IT professionals to fully understand the technology that runs the web host servers and cloud-based services used by a growing number of businesses.


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