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How System Center Helps with Patching and Updating

Microsoft System Center is one of Microsoft's most versatile and most widely-used products. Last year, System Center 2016 was announced and released alongside Windows Server 2016, with a slew of new features for enabling the transformation of today's data centers into tomorrow's cloud computing environments.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Receives VMware Partner of the Year Award

Education Services North America Partner of the Year Award at VMware Education Partner Day 2017

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers announced that it has received the Education Services North America Partner of the Year Award. New Horizons was recognized at VMware Education Partner Day 2017, VMware’s annual partner event, held in Las Vegas.

The Past, Present and Future of Securing Windows Server

As more IT infrastructures become virtualized and migrate to public, private and hybrid cloud environments, cybersecurity has been a persistent concern. Taking assets off premises and entrusting them to third-party service providers always carries at least some degree of risk; the hardware and software that were once under your direct supervision are now someone else's responsibility.

What New Security Features are in Microsoft Windows Server 2016?

And what they mean for you!

Securing Microsoft Windows Server has become a more important task this decade as the complexity of the typical IT environment increases. Most important technical infrastructures were once housed on-premises and directly overseen by the IT department; but now, these assets may be situated in a public, private or hybrid cloud, or in a colocation facility.

What's New in Microsoft Windows Server 2016?

In late 2016, Microsoft began shipping Windows Server 2016 after revealing it at that year's Ignite conference. The product had been in the works for years, having first become available as a technical preview in 2014. While it seemed on the surface like just another iteration of the decades-old franchise, under the hood Windows Server 2016 represented a major shift in the design of the company's operating systems.


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