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6 Excel Tricks That Will Save You Time

6 Excel Tricks That Will Save You Time
Whether you use Microsoft Excel all day for your staff accounting job or you only dust it off once in a while for data analysis, there are probably some time-saving tips and tricks you don't even know about. That's what makes using this complex software such an enriching experience, there are always ways to improve your skills and get work done faster.
The vast majority of users are not using Excel to its full potential. By really diving in and adding some hacks to your repertoire, you can advance your career and add immense value to your company.
In this post, we'll share some little-known Microsoft Excel hacks with you that will have you kicking yourself for not learning them sooner.
  1. Add Multiple Columns Or Rows At Once

    This trick is quick and easy: Simply select the amount of columns or rows you need to add, then right-click (Ctrl + click on Mac) and choose the Insert option.

  2. Format Values Easily
    If you're working in a sheet where all of the numbers in a certain column represent certain values, such as percentages, but there isn't a percent sign behind each number, you can fix that for an entire column at once.
    Simply type: Ctrl - Shift - %
    This trick should add percent signs to all of your values in the column. The same trick can be used for the dollar sign as well.
  3. Embed Your Sheet For Presentations
    If you use the data in your Excel spreadsheet for a report or presentation, it will probably come in handy to know how to easily insert that data directly into your report. First, you have to select the part of your sheet that you want to include, copy that data (Ctrl + C for PC and Command + C for Mac.) Then, move over to your Word Document, and Paste, and then Paste Special. You should then see an option to select Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object, select this and then Paste Link and OK.
  4. Dividing Text Into 2 Separate Columns
    You may have a column consisting of names, first then last, but you want 2 columns, 1 for each part of the name. First, select the column, then click on Data and click Text to Columns. You can choose whether you want to divide the text based on a fixed width, commas, or spaces.
  5. Make Rows Into Columns and Columns Into Rows
    Say you have some data in a column but it would make more sense as a row, or the other way around. Don't waste your time rearranging everything cell by cell. Select all of the cells you wish to move, Copy it, select Paste, then Paste Special, click the box that says Transpose, Click OK. This should shift your data to a different orientation.
  6. Get Back To The Top Without Scrolling

    If you're working with a lengthy sheet, you may notice it can take some scroll time to get back to the top of the sheet from the bottom. You can actually get to the top of your sheet in two seconds by pressing Command (Mac) or Ctrl (PC) + the Up Arrow two times.

    Your trusty sidekick for saving time in Excel. Download the Excel Quick Start Guide >

Hopefully, you can begin implementing these Excel tricks into your everyday work and start saving yourself some frustration and time so you can focus on moving your business. Continue sharpening your Microsoft Excel skills with the free New Horizons Excel Quick Start Guide below. 


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