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HR Certification Institute®(HRCI®), headquartered in the U.S., is the premier credentialing organization for the human resources profession. For 40 years, HRCI has set the standard for HR mastery and excellence around the globe. For the serious HR practitioner, HRCI certification is a must-have career advantage. With HRCI letters next to your name, organizations are confident that you have the expertise to perform at the highest level - that you have what it takes to provide strategic HR and human capital management direction - that you can create advantages out of constantly shifting technologies, laws, worker needs and workplace environments.

Six Major Events that Shook the IT World in 2016

New styles of security hacks, new certificate tracks, and cross product collaboration never though possible shook the world of tech in 2016. Read about how cyber breaches in health care adn IoT are redefining cybersecurity hacks. Also, Red Hat and Microsoft made big changes to their certification tracks affecting IT the world over. And, Cloud. Cloud continues to evolve and some major announcements from VMware shaped the future of cloud in 2016. Here are our top six events that shook the IT world in 2016.

You've Got Windows 10, Now Maximize It

Harnessing the cost saving power of Windows 10

Microsoft did it. More than 350 million users adopted the latest version of Microsoft's OS, Windows 10, in just 1 year. This is the fastest adoption rate out of all the previous versions. Is it because it's the best? Perhaps the FREE giveaway for a year helped. But don't let the limited time low price tag devalue the power of Windows 10. Chances are your business made the switch (how could you afford not to), and now you need to get comfortable real quick. With more than 96% of enterprise customers piloting the newest OS, here are some of the ways many businesses are already maximizing the power of Windows 10.

Three New Locations to Serve You


New Horizons Learning Group has expanded to include three new locations to serve you. Reno, Las Vegas, and Sacramento are the latest campuses to offer New Horizons Learning Group courses. In addition to serving the communities in the immediate areas of their respective locations, this also means students at any of New Horizons Learning Group's campuses can access courses taught by even more top ranked certified instructors via our online learning modalities. 

What's Next: The CompTIA A+ 900 Series

The CompTIA A+ 900 series exams have been here since December 2015, however they are now the law of the land when it comes to A+ certification...

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