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Benefits of Conducting a Training Survey

NHLG Training SurveyIn speaking with a lot of different organizations and government bodies about training on a daily basis, each one approaches this topic differently. But they tend to fall into two categories when it comes to employee development: reactive or proactive. While there is always a need for “as needed” training, the most successful are preparing their training plans well in advance. As such, I consistently coach my clients to be proactive in identifying current and future goals for their skilled employee base. This is the reason New Horizons developed a free resource that helps organizations align their training plans to the actual needs and wants of their employees.

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What is a Training Needs Survey?

Our Training Needs Analysis Survey is an electronic reporting tool at no cost to you that can be customized to any organization. It gives our clients a detailed synopsis of where the most pressing training needs are based on employee feedback. Here are a few of the benefits of conducting a Needs Analysis:

Smarter Budget Planning

Nobody has the budget they wish they had. Our clients’ number one challenge to improve the skillsets of their staff is simply getting funding. Conducting a survey of staff needs has allowed many of our partner organizations to justify their budget requests, or even helped them use government funding to cover the cost of training.

More Efficient Use of Time and Resources

There are a lot of moving parts to coordinating training. Some organizations choose to send their employees to out of state training or conferences. Costs for these events pile on, but we often don’t think about the time and energy that goes into planning. Conducting a survey allows managers the ability to account for logistics before they become issues.

Better Employee Feedback for their Training

Empowering employees to have a say in their future within the company has proven to increase morale and improve employee retention. Some of our customers have been able to build employee development plans for three years out.

One satisfied customer:

“Identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and goals of each individual on my team was proving to be a more difficult task than anticipated. New Horizons was able to support us by customizing a Training Needs Analysis Survey that identified the levels of experience and responsibilities across the team. They then recommended a personalized development path for each employee. The data I received allowed me to strategically align my budget to the most important needs and show our employees a clear vision of their professional development targets.”

Barry Dieser, Director of IT, Jensen Precast

New Horizons Contribution to Your Budget

When you use the training needs survey, you are also eligible to have New Horizons contribute up to 40% to your training budget. This is through the use of Learning Credits. These are great for those who need flexible and diverse training solutions. With diverse work forces, skills and responsibilities one solution just doesn’t fit your organizational needs.



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