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Have an Effective Healthcare Compliance Plan

It is imperative to take measures to prevent breaches of healthcare information. Medical Records have become a hot commodity across the dark web. Unlike easily detectable credit card breaches, released medical records can take months or even years to detect. In January 2019, it was announced that the HIV positive status of 14,200 people who either lived in or visited Singapore had been leaked online. Such information being publicized could drastically change somebody’s life.

7 Keys to Microservices and Container Security

A major concern in the niche cybersecurity field of DevSecOps is microservices and container security. Just as true in cybersecurity as it is in athletics, building and maintaining great defense lifts an operation out of constant “fire-fighting” mode and up to a place where it can be proactive about growing the business. The thing to remember is that great cybersecurity begins with great security planning. As Benjamin Franklin advised, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail.”

Mobile and IoT Security Best Practices at the Office

For the billions of mobile and IoT devices that are used within organizations, IoT security professionals must consider using these IoT security solutions. According to research presented in a Cisco infographic, the number of “things” connected to the internet exceeded the number of people connected way back in 2008, and many analysts started reporting that there were more mobile devices on Earth than people starting back in 2014. 

7 Layers of Cybersecurity Threats in the ISO-OSI Model

When you think of networks as being structured in the seven layers of the ISO-OSI model, it makes sense that cybersecurity threats can happen at any layer. We can think of these layers as the “links” in our metaphorical chain. Moving outward from the user, data is entered into the network through software running on the Application layer. Through the Session, Transport, Network, and Data-Link layers and arriving at the other end, the Physical layer, the data travels back up the seven layers to arrive at its intended destination. Each layer has its own protocols and other communication standards that govern its efficient operation. So, you may be asking, where is the Security layer? Where does security fit in? The answer is “Yes.”

The Top 48 Malware Attacks in 2020

The first portion of 2020 demonstrated that no environment is immune to malware attacks. We have witnessed threat actors developing new tool sets and techniques, targeting corporate assets stored on cloud infrastructure, individuals’ mobile devices, trusted third-party suppliers’ application and even popular mail platforms.


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