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New Horizons Announced as a Google Cloud Authorized Training Partner

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers today announced it is a Google Cloud Authorized Training Partner in the US. This relationship will allow New Horizons to deliver Google Cloud Platform training in the United States & Canada via multiple modalities which will be sold by their network of centers. New Horizons will start delivering their first classes in August.

Measure Training ROI and Amplify the Power of Your Business

Training IT staff equips your organization to implement technologies that drive efficiency. Employees also value employers that invest in their career advancement and tend to stay longer at those organizations, resulting in even more cost savings to your business.

The benefits of ongoing employee education are undeniable, especially in the fast-paced world of IT. But measuring and selling the direct business impact of IT training isn’t easy, especially for technical, behind-the-scenes projects that the C-suite never sees.


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