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Get on the Night Track with Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a very stable, fast, extremely popular and affordable database engine. There is a tremendous amount of support and resources available on the web and from Information Technology (IT) providers.  Plus, it’s relatively easy to work with.

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Breakfast in the Cloud

The "cloud" - despite it's intangibility - is making a huge impact on the way businesses around the globe operate. Filing cabinets are a thing of the past. Why dig through disorganized folders and yellowing papers, searching for an old form, when you can simply log onto a Cloud Server and find a document - whether that document is a week old or 10 years old -  in less than a minute. Need to make a last minute change to a presentation to your sales team before they start going out and doing their pitches? Rather than chasing down each individual and making the same update 7 times, you can now refer them to that same Cloud Server where the most up-to-date materials are at their disposal. 

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2016 Learning Catalog June Version – Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the 2016 New Horizons Learning Catalog June Version with updated course information.

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How New Horizons Starts the New Year

What do you get when you combine a New York Times Bestselling author and sports journalist, award winning team members, and a pie in the face?

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Cisco Shuts Down Hacker Operation Worth $30M A Year

Cisco has struck a big blow against the cybercriminal community by shutting down one of the most notorious ransomware groups currently in operation. Investigators from Cisco Systems' Talos security unit is being credited with the takedown, as they led the investigation into the currently nameless group. 

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