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6 Ways Automation Changes How IT Manages Service and Delivery

ITSM Automation ChangesEnter the not so scary age of Automation. Automation helps organizations eliminate defects and redundancies, freeing up you and your team to be more productive with their time and contributions. Here are six ways businesses, including New Horizons Learning Group, are taking advantage of automation for IT service management.

Ticketing Systems for Help DesksWays ITSM Automation Is Changing Business

One of the most commonly automated IT services falls within Help Desk, including the basic ticketing system. Our ticketing system has automation tools that categorize, escalate and in some cases auto-resolve tickets through scripts. Although ticketing systems are most common in IT, we've expanded this model to other service centers within our organization including Operations, F&A and Marketing. 

Automate Workflows

The beauty of automation is it can complete some of the necessary yet mundane tasks needed to keep business operations afloat. The best way we've quantified this is the opportunity cost of our team working on higher level activities where they can contribute what automation cannot. Many times, this has allowed our team to progress into new projects and skill sets allowing them to better serve our organization. 

Quicker Change Management Process

"Woo-Hoo, let's roll our a new system," said no IT Team ever. We know new systems and strategies can be disruptive to business, to clients and especially to our internal processes. Therefore, effective change management is paramount. Automation is helping some organizations make efficient transitions from project management to operating systems.

Install Updates, More Accurate and Faster

If you're like us, you have software, hardware and system updates that need to be updated regularly and automation can help. Using the ITIL framework, identify issues and defects in a company’s agile environment and pinpoint various processes that would benefit from automation. For us, that includes classroom configuration, office updates and a new process that required passwords to be updated and made more secure every 90 days. 

Streamline Employee On-boarding

If you are not already your organization need to take advantage of automation to on-board new hires. When a new employee joins, access is needed to several internal systems specific to the organization or the employee’s department. Instead of the employee or hiring manager reaching out to IT to request this access ad hoc, automate the process so it’s requested automatically. Over the last year, this has saved us over 150 hours of help desk support time.

Improve Your Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Although automation starts with IT, its biggest impact is on the your business and your clients. Improving client and customer service is the end-game of ITSM automation and every department outside of IT will rely on automation on some level. When a student enrolls in a course, they will received a series of automated emails giving them access to our systems to set up their use profile, launch their course, download digital courseware and access labs.

Automation is no longer see as a threat to traditional job roles but a way to leverage your team, your talents and your organization.

 Click the image to download this as an info-graphic. Visit the ITSM Product Page to find out more about modern ITSM training.

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