Workplace Harassment Prevention

Anti-harassment laws are always changing, New Horizons training keeps your company compliant no matter the circumstance. New requirements stemming from the #MeToo movement strengthen harassment protections, while others clear up ambiguities in laws that were passed in prior years

California and New York are among the states with the strongest and most stringent workplace harassment laws in the nation according to Compliance Week. "If you're following New York or California, you're doing as much or more than you need to be doing in almost every state," says Joshua Zuckerberg, a partner at law firm Pryor Cashman.

Get Workplace Harassment Training

The following training for one (1) year of compliance is available from New Horizons:

  • Workplace Harassment - Employee (1 hour)
  • Workplace Harassment - Supervisor (2 hours)

Pricing varies depending on number of employees and supervisors that need training. To find out a quote specific to your needs fill out the form and a Customer Success Representative will provide one for you.