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In the Community: TeamSac Helps Salvation Army

CA Salvation Army 03.jpgAmanda Meleski, Karen Novoa, Phit Thenethamnao, and David Gersten went as a team from NH Sacramento to the California State Exposition Center for Salvation Army. They spent Saturday morning on December 9th working along with other volunteers to fulfill and build Christmas dinner cases for 2500 families in the Sacramento area.

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Our group filled cases of canned fruits, vegetables, stuffing and other items for Christmas dinners that were distributed to families prior to Christmas. Of the 2500 cases that were provided, our group completed 1,250 of them.

David Gersten says, "It was extremely satisfying and fulfilling doing this work."

Karen Novoa describes the day: "Our foreman said that for some of these families, the box of foodstuffs is their only groceries for the holidays. We were taken to a factory style loading floor and proceeded to fill food boxes “on the line” for 3 hours straight. We also used box cutters to unpack full flats of cans. Overall, we helped to pack over 1200 boxes of food in those hours and considered our aching backs and arms a small sacrifice so these families have a good holiday."

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