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In the Community: Lisa Porter and Jahna Hall Volunteer Together at Habitat for Humanity

Lisa Porter and Jahna Hall, from our Gardena center, recently volunteered at their local Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Torrance.  They were so excited!  Click to read more.

Unbeknownst to them, the ladies had NO IDEA it was “Court Ordered” day.  The ReStore workers thought they were ordered to work there by the court!  Once they gave them their business cards and explained that New Horizons Learning Group encourages employees to volunteer for them, the ReStore employees were INSTANTLY nice.









Lisa and Jahna are grateful they had the opportunity to help at the ReStore.  And that they hadn't been ordered by the judicial system to be there.  There were many people there who had done “petty” things, and, of course, a few were assessed and encouraged to visit the Gardena Center, to see if they could get funding for training.  Way to recruit, ladies!

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