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In the Community: Jesse Volunteers at Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Anaheim

Jesse stayed local this time, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity Anaheim at the ReStore. Click to read more!

Jesse3As soon as Jesse got in, he donned his apron on and started carting items up and down the store.  From furniture to books to random home goods, there were items for pick-up, items for sale to go out on the floor, and items to hold for pick-up later.


The ReStore is like a discounted Home Depot meets Home Goods and had all kinds of cool stuff (including an old typewriter and some old computer books he geeked out on.)  He helped load a huge 3-piece sectional someone got for just a couple hundred bucks. And people came to BUY!  When he wasn’t carting things around, he was stocking items and sometimes as soon as he would put something on the shelf, it was GONE.  The proceeds from the store feed back directly into the city Jesse lives and works in – Anaheim.  Way to go, Jesse!

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