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In the Community: Frodsham Community

Brian Mulholland attended the Frodsham Community Christmas on 12/23. Over 650 entry tickets were distributed to guests from women's shelters, homeless shelters, Head Start programs, Safe Harbor shelters, and families just down on their luck identified throughout the county education dept. They brought the guests in busses. This tradition started 25 years ago. There was a Santa, pony rides, and even a Junior High School Band that played.  It was a big event with lots of children. 

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During a big snowstorm, there were about 50 volunteers ready to put on this wonderful Christmas event. They wrapped and sorted presents, sorted blankets and clothing, organized canned food, and prepared the cafeteria with breads, soups, and many desserts. Brian had the bonus of bringing his oldest daughter to help so she can experience service in such a humbling way. One of the guests choked up saying, “I can’t believe this place. It’s wonderful.” Brian says about his experience, "Thanks NHLG for supporting these types of events.  My daughter and I had a memorable time."

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