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In the Community: Imee Leverette's Charity Day

On May 24, 2018, Imee was part of a special event at the business park facility in San Diego. She served at Make-a-Wish, one of her favorite organizations that helps children who are going through devastating and life-threatening health issues.

Picture1This foundation is dear to Imee because she has family (her own niece who went through chemotherapy for Leukemia) and friends who have reaped the benefits of the wonderful organization.  The foundation helps provide a positive outlook, encouragement and experience by granting wishes to travel.  This creates a fun way to distract children for a moment, and to forget what they are going through by just being a child again.

During the event, the foundation raised funds through food, craft and raffle activities. Imee assisted anywhere she could, helping to organize, requesting donations with vendors, preparing goody bags, setting up and breaking down event materials, and whatever else they needed her to do.  It was an event she could not miss being a part of, not only was it gratifying to know more children’s lives will be touched, but seeing the faces of the kids whose wishes came true for a short moment, especially while going through chemotherapy, is an amazing and blessed feeling.


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