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In the Community: Dawn and Casey's Charity Day at Computers2Kids in San Diego

IMG_2985New Horizon's Learning Group - San Diego Center's own Dawn Gregory and Casey Glennon took time out of their busy schedules to assist with computer distribution events at Morse High School near Lemon Grove.  Click to keep reading!

Computers2kids San Diego is a nonprofit organization that distributes desk top computers, laptops, and tablets, to kids in low income families. New Horizons has been working with them for a very long time with volunteering for events, as well as referring students there for hands on IT tech and repair experience.


Dawn Gregory and Casey Glennon volunteered at one of their distribution events at Morse High School near Lemon Grove. Dawn worked with the families on the inside where they signed up and paid for the computers. Casey worked on the outside passing out the computers. It was a wonderful event, and heartwarming to see the gratitude of these kids and families as they are given these tools to learn and succeed in school!

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Dawn Davis

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