JumpStart Your Training with Free Azure On-Demand Courses

New Horizons is offering you the opportunity to access two FREE On-Demand courses from Microsoft. These four-hour On Demand videos will allow you to learn at your own pace.

Cloud Computing Fundamentals OD-99994

Take the first step toward learning about the fundamental principles and concepts of cloud computing as you consider a career in IT, or seek to add to your existing knowledge and experience. This course provides a primer to help you understand the business benefits of cloud computing solutions, become familiar with “cloud terminology,” and explore the basic concepts behind the cloud.

Azure First Look OD-99995

This course will help you to become familiar with the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure, including web-based portals for deploying resources and managing Azure subscriptions. You’ll learn about Azure Resource Manager and how to use templates to manage resources. This course also introduces PowerShell as a key tool to manage and automate Azure

Start  with Cloud Computing Fundamentals and progressing to Azure First Look as you learn new skills and practice with hands-on lab experience. New Horizons offers comprehensive training for every expertise level. View all Microsoft Azure courses today!

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