Cisco's 2018 Annual CyberSecurity Report

Discover Security Insights, Key findings & the Latest Threat Intelligence

Adversaries and nation-state actors already have the expertise and tools necessary to take down critical infrastructure and systems and cripple entire regions. But when news surfaces about disruptive and destructive cyber attacks—such as those in Ukraine, for example, or elsewhere in the world—some security professionals might initially think, “Our company’s market/region/technology environment wasn’t a target, so, we’re probably not at risk.”

2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report

Read all the latest cyber threat intelligence and key security trends, prevention and defender landscape in the Cisco 2018 Annual CyberSecurity Report. Topics Include: 

  • The evolution of malware
  • Malicious encrypted web traffic
  • The rise of artificial intelligence
  • IoT and DDos attacks
  • Vulnerabilities and patching