With digital transformation in full swing and the IT talent pool growing fiercely competitive, training your IT workforce and retaining top talent is essential. But only 40 percent of organizations have a structured IT training program in place.

New Horizons surveyed 1,500 IT professionals and decision-makers to learn about the challenges, opportunities and skills gaps facing the IT industry.

In this report you will learn:

  • How organizations manage IT
  • The most pressing challenges IT departments face
  • The most effective IT training methods
  • How companies select IT training
  • The most popular technology training in 2019

Our mission is to equip IT professionals and teams with the skills they need to guide their organizations into the future of technology.


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"We have been able to offer our team training on a wide variety of computer and business skills courses. In addition to their offering of scheduled classes, their team has been extremely helpful in scheduling classes when I have a group that needs training on specific days due to complex scheduling. These classes are delivered in a number of ways which all appeals to our team members that are located in numerous locations and work varied schedules. Stone has been pleased with the quality and quantity of training delivered in a cost effective manner. We would recommend their services and training to any other organizations seeking employee development."


Sue Daughters Recognition & Training Associate | Stone Brewing

"New Horizons was a great experience for myself! Richard Mitchell is an fantastic instructor. He not only taught me the material but was able to really prepare me for the certification exams. I attended his CompTIA A+, 5 day, course and, I was able to pass the 2 exams right after! I definitely plan on going back for future certification classes!"

Jake Smith  | Program  Control Analyst | First Federal Bank