2018 State of IT Training Report

Your Source for IT Training Trends and Research

How effective is your IT training strategy? Preparing IT staff to defend against modern threats and implement new cloud-based technologies requires ongoing education. But what are the most effective training methods? Which technologies should you invest in? And how do you stack up against your peers?

2018-State-of-IT-Training-ReportNew Horizons surveyed hundreds of decision-makers and IT professionals across more than 10 industries to answer these questions and help future-proof your IT staff. IT training is a cost-effective way to prepare your team to execute complex projects, boost retention, and postpone more expensive hires. Download the report to dive deeper into these areas:
  • How companies manage IT
  • The most effective IT training strategies
  • How much time organizations dedicate to training IT staff
  • The most pressing IT training challenges
  • Where companies plan to invest in 2018