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Instructor Highlight - Raul Escalera

Raul EscaleraRaul Escalera is an Applications Instructor for New Horizons with over 15 years of training experience. In addition to his applications training experience, he has worked as a computer and network technician.


Having worked as an instructor for over a decade, Raul has assisted companies with several generations of Microsoft roll-outs. He is a certified Microsoft Office Master, and proficient in all versions of MS Office applications, including Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word. Raul is a recipient of New Horizons’ “World Wide Excellence in Training Award”.

Drawing on his experience as a trainer, as well as in the field as a technician, Raul bases his training on real-world examples with everyday applications. Raul taught his first lesson while he was still in school, and immediately realized how natural of a fit teaching was with his personality. He loves working with students, and the satisfaction that comes with the fact his instruction makes their professional and personal lives easier and more efficient. His training philosophy in his own words: "I make sure all of my students are engaged and having a good time. I also keep in mind all of the issues I myself was having when I was learning, and teach to those.”

Prior to joining New Horizons, Raul worked in the consumer electronics industry as an in-house corporate trainer. When he’s not at work, Raul enjoys singing karaoke

Raul is a strong instructor with many skills and specialties, such as:

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