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Instructor Highlight - Phillip Dunn

Phillip DunnPhillip has over 16 years of experience with the training industry. He has worked in a wide variety of organizations ranging from small businesses just getting started to working in management in a Fortune 100 company. His years of experience within the corporate world has provided him the foundation for his Business Skills training. He applies many of the skills that propelled him forward to success in his classes and passes them on to his students.


Photo Shout Video - 05“I get excited about what I am teaching and I have so much fun teaching it. This spreads to my students and creates a relaxed environment in which to learn,” says Phillip. He enjoys what he teaches and the act of sharing his knowledge with others. He enjoys what he does so much that teaching doesn’t feel like just a job but a well-loved hobby as well.

His training style is largely influenced by his experiences. He knows the important role training plays in organization synergy and productivity. The theoretical examples he uses to punctuate the material he is teaching is backed up by real world knowledge. He uses his own experiences to bring additional insight to his students so that they may experience a well-rounded training.

Phillip has trained rocket scientists at JPL, movie directors with Sony Entertainment, executive staff at Devon Energy and BP, as well as automakers such as Toyota and Hyundai. Other notable clients he has worked with are American Apparel, bebe, Disney, and The State of Hawaii.



He is a strong instructor with many skills and specialties, such as:

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