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Instructor Highlight - Peter Rugato

Peter Rugato

Peter Rugato specializes in the intersection of technology, security, and education. Through 30 years leading and creating companies in both domestic and international markets, he’s worked in every stage of the security and technology field, mastering the leadership skills necessary to thrive in high-pressure careers.

Peter has lead companies in Fortune 100 High Technology, Education, and Security/ Risk Management industries with innovation and passion. He then launched a risk management corporate consulting practice that served clients such as Sun Micro Systems, Intel, and Lockheed Martin. He also founded Henley Putnam University, the first licensed and accredited online high-risk security university.


At each venture, Peter leaves an impact through training and team building. He enjoys the satisfaction of being an integral part in the learning and development experience, and he loves helping individuals and organizations recognize their potential to achieve (and exceed) goals.

Peter’s teaching philosophy focuses on teaching a proactive method. He “emphasizes professionalism, proactive strategies, and a thorough understanding and development of leadership dynamics and skills.” This approach empowers both individuals and corporate teams with the talents they need to face emerging challenges head-on in an increasingly complicated marketplace.

When he’s not spearheading a new enterprise, Peter gets into the outdoors. He enjoys adventurous sports like sky diving, skiing, mountaineering, off road racing, martial arts, competitive shooting, and surfing.

He’s a strong instructor with many skills and specialties such as:

  • Becoming a Transformational Leader
  • Contemporary Leadership in a Complex World
  • Leadership and Influence
  • Leadership Excellence for Senior Management
  • Performance Management

Our instructors are award winning trainers making them some of the best trainers in the world. They routinely receive high marks from their students, and work to provide top-notch training. Each of our instructors is certified in the classes they teach, and that goes for every single class! Click here to read about other New Horizons instructors and team members.

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