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Your Local Los Angeles Team Member - Aaron Brown

A California native, I was born and raised in Santa Monica, and as you can probably guess, yes, I love the beach, water sports, surfing, fishing, bike riding, you name it. Currently working out of our Burbank center, I've been with New Horizons for over 22 years! Even though I’ve always worked on commission my whole working adult life, my passion and competitive nature started back as a quarterback at Santa Monica High School, and a receiver at USC.

Instructor Highlight - John Warner

John, an Applications and Business Skills Instructor, got his first computer in 1986 (a dual-floppy 8088!) After working with computers and the nascent internet (Mosaic browser, newsgroups, etc.) at school, he taught Applications and Networking for New Horizons from 1997-2003.

Your Local Salt Lake City Team Member - Brian Mulholland

I'm a 10 year veteran in the training industry working heavily with 8570 requirements and experience working with Business, Government, and Military organizations. As a current AFCEA member, I excel at customized solutions and enjoy organizing straight-forward training and certifications. I'm also a US Air Force and Army specialist with years of involvement assisting transitioning troops to utilize their Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits. Now what do fishing in Alaska, pest control, and Lagoon have in common? They're all a part of my great Utah story.  

Your Local Los Angeles Team Member - Darryl Strayhorn

My Name is Darryl A. Strayhorn II, I’m originally from Pittsburgh PA (Yes I’m a fan of the 6x Superbowl champions Pittsburgh Steelers).

My mother is from Philadelphia PA, and my father is from Pittsburgh Pa. They meet at Penn State. (I am not a Nittany Lions fan). I moved to California with my mother at the age of 5. I would spend the summer months is Pittsburgh with my Father and the winter months with my mother in Los Angles. The majority of my life has been spent in California, so I do consider myself a pacific coaster.

Your Local Orange County Team Member - Eddie Gonzalez

That is the first selfie I've ever taken. We've come a long way in technology from when I was my kids' age. I remember one of my first jobs was for the City of Anaheim through the Junior Training Partnership Act (JTPA). One summer in high school I worked at City Hall for the Fire Authority, and the next summer I worked for the Housing Department for City of Anaheim. This was not only my first exposure to working in government, but it also got me really interested in working with computers. (Of course I was introduced to computers in elementary, but this was something beyond playing Oregon Trail!)

After high school, I had a few setbacks, but I got back on track when I attended a learning center, similar to New Horizons. I paid my own money to learn Microsoft Office, Windows NT, Netware, A+. I then set out to start my career as an IT professional.


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