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Instructor Highlight - Rhett Williams

Rhett began his career with 12 years as a public school teacher. Towards the end, Rhett became the Macintosh
Computer Lab Facilitator prompting a new passion within technology. After leaving the public education system, Rhett joined New Horizons in 1996 as an Applications Instructor.

Your Local Burbank Team Member - Doug Melendez

I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Inglewood, California, and I am a fan of every sports team in Los Angeles – Lakers, Dodgers, Rams and Kings.

Instructor Highlight - Imee Leverette

When Imee joined New Horizons, she brought with her over 15 years of graphic design experience.

Your Local Tucson Team Member - Dan Curran


"Sure I'll come to Tucson to help you out for a bit." That's what I told my brother's in-laws when they opened up New Horizons in Tucson June of 1997. Twenty years later, three kids, and a great career at New Horizons, I don't think I'm considered a Californian anymore. Not only did I help write the prospectus and was a part of the process to get investors to open the new center, but I came out to assist with sales. I never would have thought I'd connect with so many great people out here over the years, but I've got some great stories...

Your Local San Diego Team Member - Chris Ledbetter

I emancipated myself at 17 to serve in the US Navy. I trained in Chicago before being attached to the Marines in both San Diego and Okinawa. Upon my depart from the military,I took up charge of project management and writing up and negotiating government bids for my family’s construction company in Fresno, while attending college at Fresno State. Following a brief stint heading up an electro-physiology department at a medical school in Puerto Rico, I grew a moving company headquartered in DC to multiple locations across the East coast. What brings me back to San Diego you ask? Not only to be closer to family, but to also to be able to take care of my own – the military community.


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