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Instructor Highlight - Mia Gwyn


What Mia Gwyn loves about teaching is the students, but in her own words: “The best part of teaching is knowing that I’ve helped people; the highest compliment from my students is when they ask me “Can we request you as our instructor next time?” Or even more amazing when they say “I keep thinking, where would I be now if I had had teachers like you when I was growing up.”


Photo Shout Video - 01She takes a fun approach to teaching, focusing on making her students laugh to keep the morale up in the classroom. It just goes with her style of going above and beyond of what is expected from a teacher. During classes, she always provides more material and exercises than are commonly found in the books, applying real world value to her students rather than just theoretical knowledge. She draws on her years of experience with teaching in the New Horizons network to provide outstanding training. She is a true master of the Microsoft Office suite, teaching everything from Excel to OneNotea rather underrated program that could be your next best friend.

Mia’s teaching career was first inspired in 5th grade, which was strongly encouraged and influenced by one of her teachers. Her teacher asked her to prepare a lesson and teach her classmates the following week. She created her lesson plan, practiced it and before long she taught what she knew to her peers. Afterwards, her teacher told her that she was a natural and that Mia “should consider teaching for a living.”




Instead, Mia went to school and received a BA in Spanish for Business from University of Colorado in Boulder. Eventually, she joined the New Horizons family first as a receptionist before her manager realized her potential as an instructor. That was seven years ago, and now Mia is one of our most recognized instructors. She has placed 6th place in a global MOS certification contest and twice students have ranked her one of the Top 10 Instructors according to our Metrics that Matter feedback. When she is not teaching, Mia enjoys making beaded jewelry, going to the movies, and walking outdoors.

Mia has specialties and certifications in the following:

  • MOS Specialist 2007 Master
  • MOS Specialist 2010 Master
  • MOS Specialist 2013 Master
  • MOS Excel 2007
  • MOS Outlook 2007
  • MOS PowerPoint 2007
  • MOS Word 2007
  • MOS Access 2010
  • MOS Excel 2010 Expert
  • MOS PowerPoint 2010
  • MOS Word 2010 Expert
  • MOS Excel 2013 Expert
  • MOS OneNote 2013
  • MOS Word 2013 Expert
  • MOS Outlook 2013
  • MOS PowerPoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2013
  • MOS Outlook 2003
  • MOS PowerPoint 2003
  • MOS Word 2003
  • MTA 98-367 Security Fundamentals
  • MTA 098-364 Database Administration Fundamentals
  • MTA 98-349 Windows Operating Systems Fundamentals
  • IC3 Certification – Global Standard 4
  • QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2011





Our instructors are award winning trainers making them some of the best trainers in the world. They routinely receive high marks from their students, and work to provide top-notch training. Each of our instructors is certified in the classes they teach, and that goes for every single class! Click here to read about other New Horizons instructors and team members.  

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