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Instructor Highlight - Matt VanRysseghem

Matt has worked within the training industry since 2009 and has worked across customer service, management, real estate and computer training industries. Before he joined our New Horizons team, he was responsible for over 50 employee training programs in various locations across the country.



Matt Van RysseghemHe has spent most of his adult life working with computers. His range of experience has provided him with valuable insight to share with our students. The examples he can pull from his history perfectly match the theoretical content he teaches in his classroom. He approaches his classes with high energy and a positive attitude to create a comfortable and fun environment for students.

“I try to engage my students by asking questions that are easy to answer to generate feedback without putting anyone on the spot. If a subject seems particularly grueling, I try to brighten the mood with some light comedy when it’s appropriate. I pride myself on my ability to create fun additional content and offer up time saving shortcuts due to added practice with programs beyond the standard book material.” Matt on his approach in the classroom and how he keeps his students engaged and invested in what they are learning.

He enjoys talking to people and watching their abilities grow over time, making him a perfect fit in the classroom. His favorite thing though is the moment when everything clicks and he can see it in his student’s eyes when they learn a particularly useful or time saving skill. Outside of the classroom, Matt is an aspiring writer and is working on his debut SciFi novel and several screenplays.

Matt specializes or is certified in the following:

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