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Instructor Highlight - John DeVries

John DeVriesJohn began his career with New Horizons 14 years ago in Tampa, Florida before he moved west to join the team in Sacramento, California. Prior to joining New Horizons, he worked for other 30 years as a product and marketing
manager within the computer and data communications industries. He had his own web design and consulting business.


As a trainer, John focuses on developing a clear understanding of underlying principles, rather than just the “tips and tricks”. He believes students who leave his class with a strong fundamental model of how a technology works can always extend their skills through further practice. His years of experience within various industries have provided him with the real-world knowledge to bolster the theoretical content of his courses.

John says he "believes that students need a strong framework of fundamentals on any technology. Given that framework, they will be able to fill in the blank spaces and acquire.  He strongly encourages students to ask questions during the class to support their growth and understanding.

When John is not in the classroom, he enjoys the outdoors. He can be found bicycling around Sacramento or when he has a chance to make it to the waterside, sailing.

John has many talents, and is certified or specializes in the following:

Our instructors are award winning trainers making them some of the best trainers in the world. They routinely receive high marks from their students, and work to provide top-notch training. Each of our instructors is certified in the classes they teach, and that goes for every single class! Click here to read about other New Horizons instructors and team members.

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