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Instructor Highlight - Gabe Chapa

Gabe ChapaAs a former New Horizons student, Gabe can relate to students’ experiences better than most. He prefers to utilize both theoretical and real-world examples in his classes to produce a well-rounded experience for his students. “My favorite part of instructing is seeing the “a-ha” moment when a student gets it,” Gabe states.


He knows that classes can be a bit of an improvisation game when it comes to questions so he remains ready for anything, and knows that the way he sets up the class creates a relaxed and informative environment that leads to the highest levels of student satisfaction.



Photo Shout Video - 02Gabe is a certified Microsoft Office Master, proficient in all versions of MS Office applications which include Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word. As a leading SharePoint instructor, he can teach you how to manage documentation and large amounts of information. His Center for Leadership & Development knowledge includes classes such as Organizational Skills, Time Management, and Presentation Skills. Are you interested in Lean Six Sigma? A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt since 2013, his expertise can help you with that as well! In fact, Gabe is going to be hosting a free and exclusive “Become a Lean Six Sigma White Belt” webinar this month. 

Gabe has been responsible for delivering effective instruction in various environments ranging from local to connected classrooms, webinars, and individual hands-on application. Before he joined New Horizons Learning Group, he worked at a large information services firm as a computer programmer, documentation specialist and project analyst. He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.



Gabe is certified and specializes in:

Our instructors are award winning trainers making them some of the best trainers in the world. They routinely receive high marks from their students, and work to provide top-notch training. Each of our instructors is certified in the classes they teach, and that goes for every single class! Click here to read about other New Horizons instructors and team members. 

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