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Your NHDoD Military Training Utah Liaison - Brian Mulholland

Brian Mulholland

I'm a 10 year veteran in the training industry working heavily with 8570 requirements and experience working with Business, Government, and Military organizations. As a current AFCEA member, I excel at customized solutions and enjoy organizing straight-forward training and certifications. I'm also a US Air Force and Army specialist with years of involvement assisting transitioning troops to utilize their Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits. Now what do fishing in Alaska, pest control, and Lagoon have in common? They're all a part of my great Utah story.  

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Because fishing in Alaska didn't seem practical enough, a friend encouraged me to sell pest control door to door in California for three summers to help pay for college at Utah State. This changed my career path and allowed me not to have to take out any loans for college. As a resident of Utah for 30+ years, I love working with local businesses and helping them succeed through learning.

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I haven't met many of my clients because our relationship is often on the phone. But, I find that strong relationships don't necessarily have to be maintained in person (although, of course, it is nice to meet). Good customer service is the key. If all training was done online with no local presence, customer service would go downhill. I like being a neck to ring if something doesn't go right. I'm a quick call away to all my clients.

An example of that is C3 Connect. Back in 2014, they had a smaller project they needed to work with us on. I took really good care of them. Then, I believe because of good customer service, they came back in 2015 and trusted us with an even larger project, which spanned several months and hundreds of employees! Just the other day someone who had worked with me years ago called me. When she thought of Excel training, she thought of me,  and it was good to reconnect on that relationship.

This is why I think it's important for businesses and government agencies to work with other local businesses because it supports the local economy and keeps the these businesses running.  Currently, I'm working with a lot of State offices, Department of Defense, and select local businesses. At the end of the day, good customer service means that my customers think of me and my services in a positive light. This is the key to a lengthy relationship. "Customer service is an attitude -- not a department" -- Mo Hardy.

In my free time I love to keep it local too! My wife and 4 kids go hiking at Adams Canyon where there are waterfalls for kids and adults. We visit Ensign Peak and also enjoy Saturday outings to the farmer's markets, river walks and other local events.


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Brian Mulholland

Brian Mulholland

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