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Instructor Highlight - Genaro Moran

Genaro has over 30 years of business and educational field experience and over 15 years of experience as a trainer. He didn’t anticipate being a career trainer at first but had long enjoyed teaching his co-workers and other staff on
how to use common office software as well as propriety programs.

Instructor Highlight - Christopher Dominguez

“I have four anchors: bringing value to the customer, success for my client organizations and my individual  students, and my own personal and professional success.”

Chris has over 10 years of experience with end-user programs and the teaching of such products. His skills
extend beyond Applications training and into Business Skills.

Instructor Highlight - Ron Marsh

Ron has been with New Horizons since 1997. He has been a trainer, in once capacity or another, for over 36 years. His tenure as an instructor has provided him with a proven track record of reliability and responsibility. 

Instructor Highlight - Kendell Hoyer

Ken is a former New Horizons instructor from the St. Louis franchise and comes with years of in-class experience in both private events and hybrid ILT/OLL delivery.  He is an MCT/MOS master and is Cybersafe certified.

Instructor Highlight - Raul Escalera

Raul Escalera is an Applications Instructor for New Horizons with over 15 years of training experience. In addition to his applications training experience, he has worked as a computer and network technician.


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