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Instructor Highlight - Rhett Williams

Rhett began his career with 12 years as a public school teacher. Towards the end, Rhett became the Macintosh
Computer Lab Facilitator prompting a new passion within technology. After leaving the public education system, Rhett joined New Horizons in 1996 as an Applications Instructor.

Instructor Highlight - Kent Tuominen

Kent is the son of two teachers. You could say teaching is in his blood, he certainly says it is. 

Instructor Highlight - Matt VanRysseghem

Matt has worked within the training industry since 2009 and has worked across customer service, management, real estate and computer training industries. Before he joined our New Horizons team, he was responsible for over 50 employee training programs in various locations across the country.

Instructor Highlight - Joe Ng

Joe has been a technical instructor for over 16 years; it is safe to say that he knows his stuff by now! 

Instructor Highlight - James Hanavan

James has been an instructor with New Horizons since 1995.


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