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Your NHDoD Military Training Los Angeles Liaison - Aaron Brown

Aaron BrownA California native, I was born and raised in Santa Monica, and as you can probably guess, yes, I love the beach, water sports, surfing, fishing, bike riding, you name it. Currently working out of our Burbank center, I've been with New Horizons for over 22 years! Even though I’ve always worked on commission my whole working adult life, my passion and competitive nature started back as a quarterback at Santa Monica High School, and a receiver at USC.

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After college, I quickly noticed that there were some shady deals being offered to some of my peers.  My goal was to educate them and show them the pros and cons of each deal, and then let them make the decision. I built a trust with them this way, and that’s why clients came to me while I worked as a Financial Planner for 12 years. They trusted me. This is how I see my position here at New Horizons; to educate you on the solutions and let you make the decision.

This was the case when I worked with the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s office on a Lean Six Sigma training. They were looking to improve their Vital Records mail process, which includes birth and death certificates, as well as election votes. I remember getting in the van with them and collecting ballots to see the process. I told them it would be more beneficial if managers weren’t involved. The head of the department trusted me to talk with the workers to really find out the process. Workers were uncomfortable speaking up about the process, but I built trust with them. Once I was able to point out some of the problems and excess steps they were doing, we got their online processing time down from 17 days to 1 day, and offline processing time from 3 weeks to 1 week. We had 6 people take the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and 3 went on to take the Black Belt course.  Without being invited to be a part of improving their process and offering a solution, I don’t know if that would have happened.

Working with many government agencies, I understand what it take to create a solution specific for needs even with contractors such as Northrup Grumman. They had people around the country that needed to get CompTIA Security+ certified. I offered them what I call “The DOD package.” It was customized to their need. I got creative and 10 people were able to take training at our location in Gardena, 1 person in Palmdale, and 2 out of state. People who know me know I get passionate about finding solutions that fit the client's need.

Training isn’t even always about the company, it’s really changing people’s lives. One of the largest projects I’ve been a part of has been with the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust and Kaiser Permanente. I remember early on in my discovery at Kaiser when they were going from green screen computers to Windows based computers a woman came up to me after training and gave me the biggest hug. She told me that she had been avoiding her son who would ask her for homework help on his computer. She didn’t know how to use a Windows computer and would always avoid him. She didn’t want to lie to him and say that his mom didn’t know how to do this. She was so grateful and said, “Now I can help my baby. Now I can connect with my kid.” It empowered her.

When this happened I wanted to make it a goal to give back free training to people in the inner city that don’t have access to computers. Now that we have NH Saturdays, I'm excited to be a part of that in Los Angeles.


I like to give back as people have given to me. Right now as a youth sports coach, I give back as much as possible by helping out kids who can't afford to sign up. When I'm not working or coaching, I enjoy spending time with my family hiking at Griffith Park or in Malibu or fishing at the American River.


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Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown

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