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Windows 10 April Update Rundown

Mr. Warren over at the Verge recently posted a great rundown on the current state of the April update for Windows 10. Read on for a link to that article as well as a summary of his main points.

Windows 10's update for April now:

  1. Has a new name; Microsoft dropped "Spring Creator's Update" for "April 2018 Update". Very efficient.
  2. Includes a Timeline feature, allowing you to previous apps you were working on across machines.
  3. Allows you to open your Edge browsing history from Mobile OS's
  4. Includes a new Dictation feature
  5. Includes a Mute Tab feature to Edge
  6. Refreshes the XBox Game Bar design

If you're interested in reading more about these points, as well as the entirety of the article, head on over to the Verge. 

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