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The Bundling Advantage with NH Anytime

New Horizons provides many ways to help organizations maximize and extend training budgets while still training numerous employees in a variety of courses. We understand the importance of training your employees to improve job efficiency, but also ensuring your dollars are being spent wisely. Training at your own pace is perfect for those who know when and how they can fit in their development. But what happens when you have a question, or get stuck on a lab? Read more about our NH Anytime options.

New NH Anytime Learning Catalogs: Cloud and Software Development

A new blend of learning has arrived. With the launch of NHAnytime, we have seen a rise in bundling self paced learning and reinforcement with traditional and online instructor led training. Two ares of development stood out to our students:

Project Management Training with NH Anytime

The Project Management Profession is expected to grow by 33 percent through 2027. As organizations find themselves scrambling for talented project managers, prospective and current employees have a variety of training opportunities to begin or advance their project management careers.

VMware vSphere Training with NH Anytime

If you’re looking to learn vSphere but don’t have the time to go to a physical classroom, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. With our NH Anytime vSphere 6.0 Ultimate Bootcamp eLearning catalogue, you can master vSphere from practically anywhere while earning learning credits.

Introducing NH Anytime: Learn on Your Time, At Your Pace

While traditional, face-to-face classroom settings are still the widely used method of teaching today, eLearning has become more and more prevalent especially given the advances in mobile technology. Studies have shown that eLearning increases retention rates up to 60% when coupled with traditional face to face training.


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