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How to Become an Office 365 Wizard in 3 Easy Steps

It is a staple bullet-point in many job postings: "Must be proficient in Microsoft Office." What exactly this means is up for debate, since Office now encompasses many different applications and has evolved significantly in just the last decade. Office used to be sold as licenses: Office 2007 would replace Office 2003, and so on. But now it is a subscription-based suite, thanks to the emergence of Office 365. Cloud infrastructure is at the heart of Office 365, providing continuous updates

3 Essential Office 365 Skills Everyone Should Have

Staying productive in the modern office requires a lot of technological tools. Employees are expected to get their work done quickly and effectively, and this focus on efficiency has driven employers to search for people with specific skills revolving around popular business platforms. Although there are many of these, one of the most widely used is Microsoft Office 365. 

Navigating 4 Common Challenges in Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has become one of the most widely used cloud computing services in recent years, buoyed by its familiar brand, numerous integrations and cross-platform compatibility. A report from Skyhigh Networks revealed that over 58 percent of sensitive data in the cloud was stored in Microsoft Office documents. Plus, this share was expected to increase in the years ahead due to the inclusion of 1TB of OneDrive storage with entry-level Office 365 subscriptions.

Microsoft's Office 365 Becomes Smarter Through the Cloud

Microsoft is one of the biggest names in business productivity in the world. The company's high-tech solutions have been beloved for decades by those in the workforce because they're reliable and effective. This is especially true of the Microsoft Office line of products, which are used in just about every industry and sector. 

What is your mouse, in Excel, telling you?

Written by Top-Notch Instructor Drew Hamilton

One of the biggest struggles I notice with novice Microsoft Excel users is simply where to “click”. Instructions like, “Double Click the autofill handle” or “Click and drag between the rows,” may not be clear enough.


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