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Microsoft's Office 365 Becomes Smarter Through the Cloud

Microsoft is one of the biggest names in business productivity in the world. The company's high-tech solutions have been beloved for decades by those in the workforce because they're reliable and effective. This is especially true of the Microsoft Office line of products, which are used in just about every industry and sector. 

What is your mouse, in Excel, telling you?

Written by Top-Notch Instructor Drew Hamilton

One of the biggest struggles I notice with novice Microsoft Excel users is simply where to “click”. Instructions like, “Double Click the autofill handle” or “Click and drag between the rows,” may not be clear enough.

OneNote: An Underrated Program

Written by Skilled Application Instructor Patrick Galligan

What if someone told you there was a program that integrates with Outlook task lists, behaves as a file storage folder, has database functions, and looks like a notebook?  Well, there is. Welcome to OneNote by Microsoft!

4 Microsoft Excel Tricks You May Not Know About

Mastering the Double-Click & Today's Date

Learn the power of the Double-Click and how it can be helpful in a few situations you may not have known about. Also, there are two ways to enter the date (other than manually) that will produce two different results. The dates will look the same on the spreadsheet. However, clicking on the date and checking the formula bar will reveal which date will update automatically and which will remain static.

Microsoft Office 2016: Upgrades for the Modern Workforce

San Diego Applications Instructor Patrick Galligan shares three new features in Office 2016

What's new in Office 2016? Key features that enable collaboration and support a productive, modern workforce. In today’s world, one person is rarely in charge of an entire project.  More often than not, you’re collaborating with other people on a team, if not in an entire network of teams spread out through the entire country or the world. Here are three new features that attempt to make collaborative work easier.


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