The Top 10 Growing Skills for IT Service Management Professionals

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in May 2019 and has recently been updated and revised for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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6 Ways Automation Changes How IT Manages Service and Delivery

Enter the not so scary age of Automation. Automation helps organizations eliminate defects and redundancies, freeing up you and your team to be more productive with their time and contributions. Here are six ways businesses, including New Horizons Learning Group, are taking advantage of automation for IT service management.

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3 Benefits of Modern Service Management

The world is becoming digital. As technology is becoming rooted in society, organizations need to prepare themselves for a new way of working. Businesses and professionals have looked at ITIL® as their guiding light to support organizations and with the evolution of ITIL, ITIL 4 is here to navigate organizations into the modern age. Modern service management is designed around ITIL practices, incorporating additional speed, agility and automation to support rapidly changing business needs.

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5 Signs You and Your Team Could Use Some IT Training

Having a career in IT is an ongoing commitment. Technicians, systems administrators and others have to regularly refresh and expand their skill sets since the technologies they work with can change rapidly in only a few years.

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Bringing Social Media to the Help Desk


Did you know that 44% of your customers share their grievances about your products via Social Media? And 57% prefer to search online to resolve customer service issues. But what is most alarming is 60% of companies do not respond to customers on Social Media, even when asked a direct question.

Integrating social media into the contact center as a core customer interaction channel is a relatively may be a new idea for government agencies, but commercial enterprises are already recognizing this as the way forward. A recent blog by contact center analysts DMG Consulting projected that “within five years, the number of relevant social media interactions will be equal to the number of phone interactions, with 70 to 80 percent being service-oriented and requiring attention.”

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