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Microsoft Ends Support for Windows 8

In a move that's been a long time coming, Microsoft has announced that it will no longer be giving support to Windows 8. Although this is a big announcement, it certainly shouldn't be a surprise to users who have been paying attention. 

Will 2016 Be the Year of Cybersecurity?

There are few jobs as cool and as necessary as those within the cybersecurity realm. Professionals in this field are working on the cutting-edge of technology, using highly-refined computer based training to keep cybercriminals at bay. Working in cybersecurity is consistently challenging as hackers are constantly updating and changing their techniques in order to gain access to private data. 

LinkedIn Confirms IT Skills the Most Valuable in 2015

IT skills will fatten up your wallet

It's no secret that skills revolving around IT are extremely valuable in today's economy. Business simply cannot be done without computers and other technology, and as such, jobs that work with these systems are always in high demand. That's why it wasn't surprising when researchers from LinkedIn found that tech-based skills populated the 25 most sought-after skills of 2015 in the U.S. 

Universities Are Big Targets for Hackers

"Education is the third most hacked sector."

The BBC has reported that multiple universities all over the U.K. have been affected by a malicious hacking attempt. The hack, which was a distributed denial-of-service attack directed at an academic network shared by several schools, has stopped students from being able to turn in homework. Basically, a DDoS attack floods a network with requests, clogging it and thereby making it unusable. 

IT Positions Dominate Most In-Demand Jobs for 2016

IT training is a great skill to have when looking for a job

Although most people know how valuable it is to have company IT training in the job market, CareerBuilder's list of the most in-demand jobs for 2016 shows just how important these skills are. The list determined each position's rank based on how many companies posted ads for the job, juxtaposed against how many people were hired in that field. Those jobs with more posting than positions filled received a higher spot on the list. 


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