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3 New Trends of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a powerful and useful concept that, like the data it analyzes, is always changing. 

New technologies, cloud data, even hours spent with the data can help or hinder your next move. If you use effective business intelligence training in your organization, you can improve the decision making processes at all levels of management and improve the strategic management process. There are 3 top trends coming to Business Intelligence to keep a look out for: Cloud Analytics, New Technologies, and Data Visualization as Norm. 

Amazon Attempting to Break its Web Services into the Banking Industry

Amazon Web Services has been dominating the cloud market. With Synergy Research Group having found that the company controlled 31 percent of the full-year 2015 cloud infrastructure market – well above Microsoft's second-place bid at 9 percent – it's clear Amazon has proved itself to be much more than an online marketplace. But dominating the cloud market wasn't enough. 

Artificial Intelligence Systems in Cars Now Considered Drivers

News from the NHTSA gives legitimacy to the driverless car trend

A recent message from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to Google has allowed for the driverless car initiative to advance yet another step. The letter, written by NHTSA Chief Counsel Paul Hemmersbaugh, has stated that the regulatory body now considers the computer systems on board these vehicles to be the driver, according to Reuters.

What's on the Horizon for Windows 10?

Get some Windows 10 into your life with these events and courses from NHLG!

Windows 10 has been busy since its July 29, 2015 release. We’ve been busy, too! Check out what New Horizons Learning Group has in store for you for Windows 10.

Cisco Moves Deeper Into the IoT with Jasper Purchase

Cisco's most recent acquisition shows its continued interest in the IoT

It's a great day for the Internet of Things and those who like to trumpet its expected success. Cisco has announced that it will be purchasing Jasper Technologies, a company that wants to help enterprises connect their commodities to the Internet. The IoT is all about getting devices once thought to be cut off from the Internet onto the network, thereby allowing them to communicate with each other and make your life easier. 


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